I had so much fun at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Hollywood! I saw the FRIENDS set and rode on a broom just like I was in Harry Potter, I was LIVING. So, here is my vlog about it! Enjoy!

My Fall Lookbook

I’ve always wanted to do this, so here it is! I do love fashion and I thought what is a better time than doing something for the fall? FUN FACT: It was 90 degrees in the second outfit with the jean jacket and leopard boots. Please, if you can, like, comment, or/and subscribe for more…


Try these three back to school hair styles that are simple and easy to do in the mornings! No heat required!


Three easy hair styles for your next wedding or event and you just don’t have the time or money to go and get your hair done. Ladies, I swear, it is so easy I can do this in my sleep! So, check out my newest hair tutorial and subscribe for weekly videos for hair and…


Let’s face it. Summer can be hard on the hair and although it is my favorite season, my hair might disagree! However, I think I’ve found a way around that and it is much easier than you think.

Drugstore Favorites

Let’s face it, we don’t always have the money or time to run to a really great makeup store and buy something extravagant. So, here are some of my favorite drugstore finds. Please like and subscribe and leave comments of other things you would like to see what would be helpful to you.

Spring in February

So far the weather in Chicago has been exceptionally perfect, which is very strange for this time of year. It is only February after all, so when you have an entire week of 60 (+) degree days it does throw you off a bit… but in the best kind of way. I enjoy the hot…

Bippity Boppity Boo & HP Magic Too

I went for a weekend in November to Universal Studios and Disney World, and I’ve been to Universal several times before, but I haven’t been to Disney since I was three years old! To say I was excited was an understatement! Our plane was at 5 in the morning, so Jill (one of my best…

The Unfortunate Gray

(BY THE WAY: The photo in the image above is a before picture of my mom’s hair – it is not the final product, to see the final product, stay tuned and keep reading… it’s somewhere in here!) Anyway… Hello Everybody! I feel like I can actually get things across a little better on my little…