Hampton Social


So, I heard about this really cool place called The Hampton Social from a girl at work and when I saw the photos of it, I really, really wanted to go – but of course, life got a little busy and I slightly forgot about it.

That is until one of my best friends, Jill, said that she wanted to go there for brunch a couple of Sundays ago and I was absolutely, 100% for it.

And guess what guys? When getting there, it was photoshoots galore!

It’s honestly one of the most perfect places for photos and the food and drinks are very, very delicious as well. Also, might I add, we couldn’t have picked a better day to go.

It was very gloomy outside but once you walk in, you’re surrounded by white, hammocks, plants hanging from the ceiling, and of course… the awesome Rosé sign – that it actually felt like summer, almost like you were sitting in California. The only thing giving it away was the outfit you decided to wear because of how cold it is outside.

The windows look like they all open up in the summer and I bet that it actually feels like you’re sitting in a different city – like traveling without actually having to go anywhere!

My suggestion is to go early, especially if you want to take a picture with the sign. It looks so much prettier during the day and also much less crowded the earlier you go. Otherwise you’ll be asking people, who decided to sit around the sign, if you can take a photo there (Personal experience there, Paige?). I’m sure they’ll be ok with it, but it makes you feel slightly rushed, especially if you want to get a good photo for your instagram page.

I think I found my new favorite place and I will be returning very, very soon!


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