The Unfortunate Gray

(BY THE WAY: The photo in the image above is a before picture of my mom’s hair – it is not the final product, to see the final product, stay tuned and keep reading… it’s somewhere in here!)


Hello Everybody!

I feel like I can actually get things across a little better on my little blog, so if this helps, then that is wonderful and feedback is always a plus to let me know if this is a good thing or not.

Today we will be talking about the thing most people eventually get and that is: Gray Hair.

Now, when you begin going gray most people begin to color their hair – even if they never had touched hair color before. (By the way gray hair means you are losing pigment, not that you are getting old, always remember that! PS: I like to call them my wisdom highlights.)

When you begin going gray and only have a few strands of gray hair, you may be able to get away with parting your hair differently. However, it eventually catches up with everyone and I’m not sure if you notice, but the darker your hair is, the more noticeable gray hair becomes.

This is why I always say that the best camouflage for gray (or white) hair is to start going lighter.

Yes, lighter.

The lighter your hair, the less noticeable the gray or white will become.

Of course, you will still have to get a touch up, but if you are anything like my mom, her hair grows very fast and she has to get her roots touched up every two weeks. When you have darker hair and try to cover the gray, you might even see a white line a week after coloring (for my darker beauties, continue reading, I will get to darker hair further into this post).

However, I went lighter with my mom and I must say she makes a beautiful blonde. I still touch up her roots with a level 7 (which is pretty light, but not completely blonde) and add highlights and lowlights.

She can now stretch her color out for about 4 weeks!

Going lighter is key, however, if you feel like you wouldn’t look good with light hair, remember, being light doesn’t necessarily mean being blonde.

Too dark is sometimes too harsh.

I say sometimes because there are people out there with very dark hair naturally and it looks absolutely stunning on them – However, choosing the right hair color for our skin tones is not what I’m trying to achieve in this post, that will be for another time.

When you have dark, dark hair and you’re gray, chances are you’re fighting a battle. Remember, you don’t have to go blonde, but you can take your hair a little lighter, perhaps starting with caramel highlights – even that little bit of lightness to the hair will help camouflage, but not to the point that a blonde would. It definitely helps more than just having a dark, dark hair color.

Some people believe they wouldn’t look good with light hair, maybe a stylist in the past tried to make them light and didn’t do it right and it scarred them, but I BET you would look fabulous.

What I do is put up to three or four different colors in the hair because that adds to a very natural and contrasted look, so maybe going lighter isn’t so bad after all. Now, I get it, changing your hair color from dark to a little lighter could be a shock, and you might not even like it at first. Lets take my mom for example:

She was a level 5 brown and would tell me she looks best with brown hair with a little bit of blonde, but she was so sick of the gray coming in way too quickly.

I told her to let me do what I think would look good and she trusted me. I told her the blonder you are, the better it will hide it and the beauty of having blonde hair means that you can tone it to whatever color you like. If you like being more golden blonde, white blonde, beige, sandy, you name it, it could happen! (Some say it’s magic — however, it’s not and to achieve white blonde might take a few times depending on how dark you are.)

So I took her light.

My mom has a tendency to pull very brassy and yellow, so we toned her with a violet tone (which cancels out unwanted tones in the hair, violet is the key to everything with blonde hair) and now it’s a very pretty color.

At first, she was not used to it and would tell me she needed more brown back in her hair, but I told her to give it some time because I thought the color was amazing and looked better on her. It takes us time to get used to different hair colors, so I would say to give it a couple of weeks before making a final decision.

Anyway, after a couple of weeks of being a blonde she loved it, and even noticed that her gray wasn’t as noticeable at 2 weeks when she was touching up every 2 weeks.

Amazing right?

She even said that, not only did she enjoy that she didn’t have to battle her gray as much, but she really loved the color as well.


Now, for my lovely brunettes who wish to stay dark.

I am talking to you!

This may have a little more work to do, but my suggestion. Step one, get a good color stay shampoo and conditioner.

We should never go to the store and buy the cheapest shampoo and conditioner we could find and hope for the best. We wear our hair EVERY DAY and it should look good. Sometimes its the first thing people see when they meet us. I know its the first thing I see, but maybe it’s because I’m a hair stylist?

My absolute favorite color shampoo is Pureology – I now use Pureology Reviving Red because I’m a red-head, but before I used Pureology Smooth Perfection and I believe my mom uses that as well.

It will help your color stay in longer and it will keep you happy . Honestly, if you could, please do not wash your hair every day because that causes our color to fade quicker – even with a good shampoo. We have yet to find a color out there that won’t fade.

I remember before becoming a hair stylist, I used Pantene and once I got into the industry I decided to try out Pureology because I heard amazing things about that brand. At this time I was a blonde, I bleached my hair, so I used Pureology Strength Cure, which helps our blondes out who have dry or damaged hair (which I did have, by the way, because I was in Florida and the sun and ocean will damage your hair big time).

Now, the Strength Cure doesn’t have a smell to it and I usually like a shampoo with a good clean smell, but after using it for about 2 weeks, I felt a noticeable difference in my hair than when I used Pantene. Oh my gosh, guys, I can’t even tell you. My hair felt softer, it was more manageable, it felt like it was actually repairing itself – now, of course I still needed a nice health trim, but the shampoo and conditioner worked!

Now, as for the smooth perfection shampoo and conditioner, I found that my hair was a lot less frizzy and it still felt softer than ever and not to mention my color was staying in, so I was a happy girl!

There’s different shampoos that fit your needs, whether you feel your hair needs to be more hydrated or have more volume – you name it, they probably have it.

Yes, I do love the Pureology line and I will link everything at the bottom.

Another thing my brilliant brunette’s need to keep in mind (other than shampoo) is the roots are coming no matter what.

The shampoo keeps our hair vibrant but our hair will continue to grow!

So I suggest that instead of getting a box dye to touch up in between appointments with your hair stylist, that instead you use this clever way I’m about to give you:

Have you ever heard a temporary root cover up?

If not, you will now!

Basically, what this is, is a temporary powder of some sort that you put over your gray or white roots to match your existing hair color and it does not dye it (you leave the coloring to the professionals!) but it hides it.

One of the best root cover up products out there is called COLOR WOW root cover up. This product is temporary (super easy to use and not messy AT ALL) and will most likely wash out as soon as you shower – but its there to either stretch out your time to going back to the salon for a touch up, (so you save money) and its there for the emergencies.

C’mon, we all know what kind of emergencies, too.

It’s those moments where life gets too busy and you look in the mirror one day and literally want to scream because you have a giant event or party or wedding tomorrow and you never got your hair done and your roots are hanging out.

So if you’re going out and didn’t get your hair done (eek!) do not fear, the temporary root cover up is here!

Keep in mind, again, every product I talk about will be linked down below.

Now, there’s some people who want to keep their hair gray, and that is fine – totally up to you! However, sometimes gray hair can have a tendency to look yellow, and that is not fine.

But there’s a cure!

Remember how I said purple or violet tones unwanted colors in blonde hair? It works for my gray girls, too.

I would suggest TIGI’s Dumb Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo by Bed Head and that is one of my favorite Purple Shampoos.

Please note: Do not leave the purple shampoo in for a long time, read the back and it’ll tell you when to rinse because it can leave a purple tint to your hair if not used correctly. 

But when used correctly, it gives gorgeous results.

Maybe if you’re nervous, try it out quickly. Maybe even mix some of your regular shampoo with the purple shampoo (in your hands of course, not in the bottle) and rub your hands together before applying it to your hair. That will delude it a little.

Also, please understand that purple Shampoo is not used every day or every time you wash your hair – only use it if you feel you see yellow again.

Ok, that’s it for this weeks blog.

I really, really hope that I gave you guys some good advice and I will have a post next Sunday, so please stay tuned and your feedback is much recommended!

Everything is linked below, have an awesome day gems!

-Paige x

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the linked products, I will receive commission. I only recommend products I use and believe in. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Pureology Line:
Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner

Smooth Perfection Shampoo and Conditioner

Hydrate Shampoo and Condition

Pure Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

For The Pureology Red Heads:
Reviving Red Shampoo & Conditioner

For Toning Blonde and Gray Hair:
TIGI Bed Head Purple Toning Shampoo

Temporary Root Touch up:


COLOR WOW Light Brown

COLOR WOW Medium Brown

COLOR WOW Dark Brown


Color Wow Red


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  1. Geri Amelio says:

    Thank you Paige for helping me manage my grey hair. Going lighter has helped with disguising the outgrowth, and I absolutely love my new color! Great tips also for the temporary root cover up for in between. Works perfectly!

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