Bippity Boppity Boo & HP Magic Too


I went for a weekend in November to Universal Studios and Disney World, and I’ve been to Universal several times before, but I haven’t been to Disney since I was three years old!

To say I was excited was an understatement!

Our plane was at 5 in the morning, so Jill (one of my best friends) and I got the earliest flight out so we would get to Orlando early. The two of us were so excited because I absolutely love traveling, especially with a best friend, and she was super thrilled because she worked in Disney for a semester and couldn’t wait to go back!

I had gotten up at 3 am for our 5 am flight and I remember that I was just buzzing. However, I always get a little stressed out before a flight. I feel so much better once I’m at the airport, waiting for the plane but I think I said that in my other blog when I went to Naples.

As soon as we land we’re going to put our stuff in the hotel and then go straight to Universal Studios. I haven’t been to Universal since they added the new Harry Potter part (the one with the train and Diagon Alley) and being a massive Harry Potter fan, I was so ready to absolutely nerd out.

It wasn’t as hot as it normally was. Actually, it was extremely comfortable to walk around the park. Usually it gets overbearingly hot, especially when I’ve gone back in August and May, but this time it was very comfortable.

We went on the Mummy ride first, which was super cool, then straight into Diagon Alley and guys, my inner child leapt for joy. I’m not even kidding. I grew up with that series and to see it come to life was out of this world. I know everyone else who grew up and loved it as much as I did felt the same way – and to experience it with one of my best friends who loved it as much as I did was great.

We walked down Diagon alley and we saw the dragon sitting on top of Gringotts, the wizard bank, and it would blow fire every few minutes and that ride was an absolute thrill, but it made me kind of sad because there was a lot of Deathly Hallows in it (The last film, though I loved it, always makes me sad that it’s all over). After that tear-fest, we went into several shops and they had it decorated just like if you stepped into the movie or the book and of course took several photos of that. We even bought interactive wands (I know, ridiculous, but I don’t even care. Judge me ;D) and around you are little places you can use them and ‘magic’ happens.

It was honestly amazing.

While meeting up with one of Jill’s friends, the three of us headed to the Hogwarts Express ride, where it takes you to a different part of the park but it plays a little video – I’m not sure how to explain it. Through the window was a video and you can see yourself pulling up to the Hogwarts Castle, you see Hagrid, and all that.

Once you step off, you actually do see the Hogwarts castle, but we didn’t venture too much there, simply because all of us had seen that already. The Hogwarts Castle ride remains one of my favorites, though, but I’ve been on it a few times already.

Another thing I was super excited for was the Raptor encounter in Jurassic Park – that was another movie I grew up with and absolutely loved and I really, really loved the newest Jurassic Park movie called Jurassic World. I think they updated it due to that movie and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s actually kind of scary – even though you know it’s a person as the raptor, but the movements and sounds makes you actually feel like that is a real live dinosaur and I was geeking out quite a bit, let me tell you. No shame there.

I think one of the coolest rides this time was when we went on the Jurrassic Park one. No one went on with us (probably because it was kind of chilly out), so it was just the three of us and it was at night, so it actually was kind of scary – but don’t worry, we dried right up when we waited in a 2 hr line for the Hulk.

That had to be the longest line we actually waited in and I remember by this time I was starving and when I get hungry, I get very quiet – so I just kept thinking to myself… please be worth it.


It was.

It was such a fun ride and there was so much I forgot about, but I loved it. It has to be one of my favorite roller coaster rides. Maybe its because we went on at night, but it is definitely one you have to experience if you enjoy big roller coasters like myself.

The night didn’t end there, though!

I know what you’re probably thinking… Paige, aren’t you tired and hungry? You were up at like 3 am and still going?


We got back to the hotel around 9 pm and freshened up before going out AGAIN at 10. We went to Disney Springs, where we went to eat and have some drinks and just relax the rest of the night. Jill and I met up with one of Jill’s best friends, Megan and her cousin who both live down there.

I couldn’t wait to eat and we went to all different bars and restaurants, getting drinks and hanging out. A few more people met up with us and I was frozen.

Warning to those who get cold super fast like me: Wear something warm when going out in November. Even though it’s Florida.

It’s not fun otherwise.

No, I’m kidding – I still had a blast, I was just freezing the whole time.

We ended up getting back around 2 am and sleep couldn’t have sounded better simply because I knew we’d wake up in the morning and start all over again.

And we did.

This was the moment Jill was waiting for.

Dapper Day in Disney World.




What I wore wasn’t exactly vintage but it was pretty and I liked it, so I went for it. Wear what you like, guys.

So anyway, we got to Disney after spending the whole morning getting ready, and it was the most crowded it has ever been according to their employees. My friend used to work there so she knew quite a few people.

Of course we would go on the busiest day of the year!

We didn’t get on anything but I still had fun walking around and getting the Disney experience by watching the parade, we also had a mini photoshoot with the awesome photo pass employees!

I was super excited to go to Epcot, because I had never been before and I heard really good things about it – plus it’s like you’re traveling around the world without actually having to do it. I’d say its a lot less tiring but walking around the parks makes up for it. I believe we walked a total of 16 miles the whole weekend which was crazy, and me being me, I forgot to eat some of the time (I do not recommend that at all – this happens when I’m too busy or having too much fun to even think about it) so I was longing to eat in Epcot because they had the food and wine festival going on. Apparently it was the last weekend they were doing it.

Imagine the lines.

We wanted to go to Mexico to eat but the line was wrapped around, it just wasn’t worth it because we were starving at this point and wanted something fast. We walked and kept walking until we found something worth stopping and actually ended up eating in… (drumroll) 



Out of all the places… that was the least amount of people. I had lobster rolls, which I’m not a big fan of sea food, so I wasn’t too thrilled… but they didn’t have many options to choose from.

However, when we went to England and Ireland they had warm pudding and it was AMAZING. Sooooo delicious.

It made up for the lobster rolls big time.

I was super excited to take my ‘maybe‘ photo in front of a London telephone booth because I really, really want to go to visit England. It’s definitely on the bucket list. I say maybe photo because it’s my “maybe some day”:)!


We watched the really cool firework show in Epcot and by the end of the night, I was exhausted. Like I said, between those two days of walking, we walked 16 miles – when I got back to the hotel, sleep seemed like the most amazing thing in the world… but I was kind of sad because I knew that tomorrow was the last day, and that night, Jill and I would be jumping on a flight back home.

So, we made the most of our last day by walking around Disney Springs, drinking margaritas and enjoying live music. It was a very chilled day and very much needed after the two hectic days of constant running around.

Now, I understood that it would be a rough weekend because we jam packed a lot in, so I knew right away what I signed up for but I wouldn’t of changed a thing.


Now the question is… when can I go again?!

– Paige x




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