Spring in February

So far the weather in Chicago has been exceptionally perfect, which is very strange for this time of year. It is only February after all, so when you have an entire week of 60 (+) degree days it does throw you off a bit… but in the best kind of way.

I enjoy the hot weather. I love when its warm and sunny outside, it makes my mood go up dramatically. I suppose I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but I think most people do.

When the weather is gloomy and cold I don’t have the motivation to do anything, but when its like this outside, I can get up early in the morning without an issue and don’t mind the drive to work. It’s the best kind of weather to drive in when the windows are down, the sun is shining, and the music blasting.

I honestly feel like its April or May right now, I even brought out a few of my spring clothes and have been spring shopping and cleaning. At work I notice more and more clients are coming in to get their hair done and highlights have been a must. Sometimes when the weather changes I want to change my hair around, so I chopped a few inches and colored it. I feel brand new. There’s a strange freedom to it and when I left work that night, the sky reminded me of a summer night sunset where you see blue, yellow, pink, and purple.

Beats all those awful winter days of no sun for what seems like weeks and then its night time and you live in darkness for the whole of winter.

We have definitely been spoiled, Chicago, because the weather is supposed to change back and go back to being kind of cold (still not as cold as it usually is) and I have a troubling feeling that we’re going to get hit with a snow storm in March or something. (Negative much!?)

Ugh, I hope not.

If I never saw snow again I’d be the happiest person alive.

Till next time,
Paige x

PS: I’m supposed to be getting some video equipment some time this week so maybe I can start filming little video tutorials for hair and whatever else you guys would like to see as well. I love doing stuff like this, it is so fun. 🙂



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